[ 5th May, 2022 ]
[ 0xRoute101010 ]
It’s amazing how far the NFT community has come - and how creative the staking mechanism has gotten. At Tsukimi, we feel that the possibilities within the staking mechanism are endless - and for this we are breaking the barriers and aiming to develop a staking mechanism unlike any other.
As newer projects enter the market - a lot of traditional problems that staking initially had have started to vanish. The market has moved from vault based staking to a passive staking model - for the greater good of course.

But - one of the key problems with staking, we feel, is that, it fails to involve and engage the community. Yes, it’s great to give out rewards to loyal holders - we agree - BUT - it’s just as important to develop a sense of community and collaboration.
We started out by letting go of traditional staking models and thinking outside the box. You see, when it comes to staking and dapps - the sky is the limit.

What if we can have multiple dapps within our staking protocol, each delivering a unique benefit to the holder? And - how about we gamify the entire experience so that the staking in and of itself is a fun experience overall? And finally - above all- let's focus on the community - and build opportunities for collaborations.

With this goal in mind - we came up with Loft Staking.

A staking protocol that integrates a variety of dapps which benefit the holders in a variety of unique ways. Let’s explore!
To begin - the Loft Staking will employ the soft staking mechanism. Of course - this is not something that we came up with - and has been done by various other projects. In short, your Tsukimis stay in your wallet, and the longer you hold on to them, the more rewards you earn.

Our dapp tracks how long you’ve held your Tsukimis, and gives out rewards, perks and more to you - all done for you, with no gas, no transfers, no lock-in periods.
Now - this is where things get fun. Our loft-staking mechanism is all about a journey. As a holder - you will journey through various islands, one after another, as you hold on to your Tsukimis.

Your journey will start at Tsukimi Bay (island one) and end at Ukiyo Loft (island ten).

As you hold on to your Tsukimis, you progress through the islands one after the other. Each island unlocking various perks, benefits and rewards.

As an example - you reach Tsukimi Bay by holding your Tsukimi for 7 days, and you reach Kirami Reef by holding it for an additional 8 days.
Each island that you unlock, will hold a community chest of rewards, and a discoverer chest of rewards.

A community chest is a reward that is earned by each member that unlocks a given island.

A discover chest is a more exclusive pool of reward that is earned by the first few members that unlock a given island - we shall call them discoverers.
So - how does one become an island discoverer, and reach it faster than others? Well - by having multiple Tsukimis within the wallet, of course.

As you hold more Tsukimis within your wallet, you unlock potions. These potions bend the time and space continuum and help you get to the next island faster.

As an example - holding 5 Tsukimis will unlock the Flask of Sorcery - and this will boost your speed by 5%.
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
What is a gamified experience without trophies and a leaderboard?

Within our loft staking - we’ll have various collections of trophies, all of which can be unlocked by completing various quests. Holders of these trophies win exclusive rewards.

As an example, a holder that has unlocked all trophies within the Templar Collection gets a custom Tsukimi IRL gold crested reward of appreciation shipped to them.

All NFT projects are out to build communities within web 3.0, and this is where we feel we bridge a gap. How do you truly build a community? Well - by giving opportunities to the members to engage, to have friendly competitions and to interact.

The idea behind potions, trophies, leaderboard, community and discoverer chest - is nothing but to keep our community engaged, connected and in a collaborative spirit.

And with that - let’s ramp up more of what we have in store!
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Tsukimi Potion
Continuing with the spirit of collaboration - we wanted to integrate a governance dapp within our staking protocol.

Holders that reach a certain island get the Governor Role - and this role will unlock a special section of the website within which they can cast votes on all things Tsukimi. As a stakeholder - we believe you should have a straightforward mechanism through which you can voice your choices and your opinions.

It’s not a community if the conversation is one sided. And that is what the Governance Chambers are all about.

As a Governor you’ll have the ability to vote on all important matters related to Tsukimi. And, as a community - you will decide the future of the project.
Next up - is a collaborative dapp wherein holders can together build up a playlist by choosing lo-fi/chill music that they hold close to their heart. Every now and then, we’ll build out a surreal dream-like VR experience and publish it over on YouTube - where the music is one that is chosen by you and your fellow Tsukimis.

Well - but, what kind of VR experience? That is on you as well - as a governor, you’ll have choices of what experiences you’d like to see - and based on your votes, we’ll design experiences that we all can enjoy. And within this experience - will be a song of your choice!
Yet another collaborative board - this is where holders each get a dedicated space on a wall within our website - where they can share their thoughts, their work and more in a creative manner. The community as a whole can build up drawings in a collaborative manner.
And - we are at the final piece of the puzzle. The cloud protocol.

This - is something that we are super excited about, and can’t wait to see how it plays out.

The cloud protocol is a dapp that tracks all the Tsukimis collectively and all their levels.

At any point, if all the Tsukimis have reached or moved ahead of a given island - a reward for the whole community is unlocked.

For example - the first cloud is unlocked if a moment in space occurs where all Tsukimis have reached Isle of Fuji, an island that is unlocked by holding your Tsukimis for 90 days or more. If and when that happens - we will hold an IRL meet-up at a venue voted by the Tsukimi governors!

If and when this happens - we’d have proven ourselves to be the strongest community in web 3.0.